Unlock your mind's potential

The overwhelming noise of modern day society must come to a halt, even if it's just for a moment.

Social media, Tiktok, Instagram, TV, a noisy household and so much more, all distract us from our thoughts and purpose.

With all these distractions we have become less intentional and more mindless.

Sound shield helps you reconnect with your mind and body, practice mindfulness , increase focus and productivity, and reduce stress.

In a world full of so much noise, seek silence.

1000's of Happy Focused Minds

Hear less, Listen more

In a world brimming with constant noise, from the buzz of technology to the hum of daily life, silence offers a sanctuary for our overstimulated minds.

It is within this quietude that our brains can reorganize and recharge, enhancing our ability to concentrate, process information, and foster creativity.


Why block out sound?

Research has found that reducing noise exposure can improve many areas of our health.

Recent findings show that noise exposure is related to stress and anxiety and greater noise exposure correlates with increased rates of cardiovascular problems.

Finding peace and quiet in our loud and fast-paced world has long term benefits you don't want to ignore.

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Here's just some of the benefits of using Sound Shields:

  • Focus & Productivity - In an environment where distractions are the norm, silence becomes a rare commodity that allows the mind to wander, ponder, and process without external noise interrupting the flow of thoughts.
  • Mindfulness & Meditation - Silence serves as a gateway to deep introspection and mental clarity. In the absence of external noise, practitioners can more easily focus their attention inward, tuning into the subtle rhythms of their own bodies and the flow of their thoughts with greater awareness.
  • Stress Relief - In a world where our senses are continuously bombarded by alerts, messages, and environmental noises, finding moments of silence can be profoundly restorative. Silence offers a rare reprieve for the mind, allowing it to rest, rejuvenate, and restore its focus. It is during these quiet moments that stress levels can significantly drop, as the body takes the opportunity to slow down, leading to a decrease in heart rate and a relaxation of muscle tension.
  • Overall Wellbeing - Incorporating moments of silence into our daily routines can be a simple yet profoundly effective strategy for managing stress, improving our mental health, and enhancing our overall well-being.


  • Creates a barrier against external sounds by blocking out noise up to 34db.
  • This means you won't hear the indistinct chitter chatter in the background, nor the TV in the next room.
  • It is within this quietude that our brains can reorganize and recharge, enhancing our ability to concentrate, process information, and foster creativity.
  • Never fear though, you can still hear the fire alarm or someone shouting you if you were needed.
  • Sound shields take out all the unnecessary noise, whilst allowing only the urgent noises. It sets the scene for a blissful working environment.


Sound Shields are designed to fit all head shapes and sizes, children and adults. They extend to fit the size of your head.


No. No technology, no noise cancellation, no bluetooth, no plug, nothing buzzing around your head.

Just good old fashioned noise-blocking material & design.

Back to the basics. Completely natural, completely mindful.

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